Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Totally Love It Tuesday #2

Hey y'all! Sorry for being gone so long. Sometimes life just gets in the way, ya know?

Welcome to my second 'Totally Love It' Tuesday...these are some features from around the web that I am loving this week!

OhMyGosh y'all, this beside table is fab! Yes? What a genius idea! They added castors to a filing cabinet to make it the perfect "bed height" table. I love the possibilities that it presents. So much storage!

The hillside balcony and hammock are amazeballs! I can imagine myself out there with a book, swaying in the breeze or having a few friends over with few glasses of wine in our hands while we chat and enjoy the view. Isn't it fantastic and super cozy?

Um, yes please! I am so over the snow this year but maybe if I lived here I would enjoy the snow much more! This is gorgeous and dreamy! I dream of one day having a cabin in the woods, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life and absolutely NO cell phones! At least for a little while. :)

Favorite Lighting (Source Unknown)

I am on a hunt for some old industrial 'things' now so we can re-create this light piece! This is so freakin' awesome. I love all things rustic industrial and this is right up my alley! What do y'all think?

That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Love y'all to pieces!

                                                                       ~ Kris

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Totally Love It Tuesday

Hi y'all! I've decided to start a new weekly segment called "Totally Love It Tuesday" where I will be sharing things from around the internet world that I fell in love with the previous week. This will be anything from interior design to DIY to style and beauty tips that I stumbled upon and just couldn't get out of my mind.

Here we go! (Click the link below the picture to head over to the source website)

That chair is freakin' amazing! I could just imagine myself with a great book and cappuccino in hand snuggled up in that chair for an hour or so. Love it!

According to the source this is a photography back drop...but in my mind this is the most perfect entry way space EVER. Or even a great office space if it had a larger "desk" area. I love the pallet wall for sure and the stool is perfection. Lovely!

There is something so simple and so perfect about the accents on this table. Of course I love a little plant life in my home but the books are fab and the clock is awesome and who doesn't love vintage keys? It all just goes so well together.

Even though you can't see much of it in the picture I adore this kitchen. The vintage pendant, the bowl, the wood shelves, the concrete counter top, the plant...I am diggin' it all! (Click the link, there are a lot of great pictures of the kitchen there.)

I could probably go on forever but that's all for this week. What have y'all seen around the world wide web that you just love? Show me! :)


                                                                                                                   Love, Kris

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coffee (addiction) Station!

Okay...who has a Kurig addiction like me? This is not just a coffee addiction people...I LOVE this machine. I don't just use it for coffee, I also use it for tea and to heat water for various other things.

I've had mine for well over 2 years now and it's still rolling strong. I drink a french vanilla cappuccino every single morning. I don't really drink coffee...but I will drink the heck out of some cappuccino :)

Last year when I was browsing at a flea market I literally bumped into this little kid who was setting up a booth with his father. After apologies and such I spotted this lovely, rusty, dented, card catalog sitting on the ground in their booth. I immediately snatched it up and asked how much. You know what the little boy told me? "That will be $3 dollars ma'am". I almost screamed "SHUT THE FRONT FREAKIN' DOOR" as I whipped out my money. I think I quite literally did a happy dance right there in their booth. For reals! 

It was all green, like you see on the drawers but the top was a bit rusty. That sure enough didn't deter me one single bit. 

Initially I planned to put it on top of my wine rack and place a couple bottles inside but once I set it there I didn't like the way it looked. It does hold one bottle of wine in each drawer perfectly though! 

Since that didn't work out I just let it sit and collect dust in my craft room for many months. 

One day, while browsing Pinterest I stumbled across a "K-Cup organizer" that was super cute and it got me to thinking about how I could best organize my K-Cups in a cute/functional way and get them out of the cabinet. Enter the card catalog...

When I remembered this little card catalog the light bulb totally went off. It was a like a DUH moment for me! So I hustled it upstairs to the kitchen and started stacking my K-Cups inside.

Perfect, yes? 

Once I knew that they would fit perfectly I immediately took this thing into the garage and grabbed my favorite can of spray paint "Oil Rubbed Bronze" and gave it 2 coats to cover the rusty looking spots. I wanted to keep the drawers original so I just removed them while I painted the rest.

The drawers hold so many K-Cups. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have bought or come up with any better storage method for these, it's just perfect!

My cappuccino and his coffee are on the left and my teas are on the right. See? Perfect!

There is a couple jars with various tea bags, the large mason jar holds my creamer and the little silver jar is for "sugar" (we use Truvia) and then I added the 2 little stir spoons in the small mason jar just because they are cute.

I also added 4 hooks underneath the cabinet and hung my favorite mugs right above the machine to round out my "coffee station". I freakin' love it.

I think it's a great use of the space here and since I use these things daily it makes them nice and handy. I will eventually add labels to each drawer but still love it as is! 

What do you think? Do any of y'all have a coffee station as well? 

Thanks for lookin'        
-  Love, Kris
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